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Duro Tires

Duro Tire and Wheels founded in 1945 have now become a reputed name in the industry for providing high-quality and durable Duro tires and tubes to the customers in an affordable price. Duro was founded with an aim to provide superior quality products at a price that every customer can afford. After working for 65 years, Duro seems to have understood the market and the needs of the customers, with their growing product base and service throughout the world, vouching for it.

Duro manufactures a number of tires for passenger cars, light trucks, SUV, bicycle, trailers and RV, motorcycle and scooter, golf cart, lawn and garden, skid steer and forklift and ATV. All theseĀ Duro Tires are manufactured using their innovative combination of first-rate R&D, enterprising spirit and advanced manufacturing capabilities and expertise of their employees. Their R&D department has a large range of engineering capabilities that put every product through rigorous testing to ensure that they are durable and safe. It is only after continuously improving their products in these years, that they have become an industry leader in providing speciality tires that fulfils international quality standards and surpasses standard stability and safety tests.

Duro Tires

Duro tires for passenger cars have been designed with a special tread design that provides high speed performance, immense safety and lessened rolling resistance, irrespective of the road conditions. The best feature in these tires is the use of special rubber compounds that offer longer tread life and greater fuel economy, which is what customers look for while purchasing tires. On the one hand where Duro tires meet the needs of passenger cars, their touring and performance tires targeted at high-performance sporty cars and costly SUVs are well-equipped to meet all durability and safety requirements.

The light truck tires by Duro provide a wide footprint that is very beneficial in improving the overall handling and stability. It also aids in preventing regular wear and tear during heavy hauling. Since Duro tires for light trucks use more specialized rubber in their making, it keeps the cab and trailer load secure even during the most difficult driving conditions.

Duro turf tires are immensely popular and widely used in many golf courses world over. Duro manufactures turf friendly designs and has the needed tread in their tires for any lawns and golf courses.

Duro tires manufactured for motorcycles and scooters are very durable and are excellent on dirt, gravel and bad roads. These tires offer great stability and handling and a perfect ride to the riders. Similarly Duro tires for bicycles are high in quality and durability. The Tru Shine Technology that they use in manufacturing bicycle tires prevents them for chipping or peeling off. All the bicycle tires are manufactured with thick tread design to help them withstand any number of skids.

Durobility is the guiding principle behind everything that Duro Tire and Wheels does. Even after more than six decades of manufacturing quality tires and tubes, they are constantly endeavouring in improving their existing products, along with expanding their product range to include the most advanced tread designs and sizes.


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